Strategy is vital in any business which is not serendipity, but none lasts forever. Facing today’s changing context, the emergence of new competitors and the migration of assets and activities to countries with low operating costs, companies must review and regularly renew their strategy, which has an increasingly shorter lifespan. Systemic risk increases as businesses become more and more interrelated. The boundaries of industries blur, bringing new (and old) challenges.

We carry out an organizational diagnosis and assist the companies in the implementation of initiatives in the areas of business strategy, financial efficiency, productivity and performance management. Our models are tested in dozens of business sectors, although in detail they are not replicable, as each project architecture is tailored to each scenario found.

  • Can we reduce costs and maintain the organisation robust?
  • If we have so many orders, why do we have less money?
  • Should we raise further debt?
  • Could we create more value? How may we be more efficient?
  • We’ve got an idea. Is it feasible? Is worth it?
  • How far may we grow annually without becoming unbalanced?
  • How to build simple and reliable tools that help us making decisions?
  • Could we manage what we can’t measure? Could we measure what we can’t describe?
  • We have running a control system. Is it used for controlling or for improvement?
  • We know how much it costs to buy, but do we know exactly how much it costs to sell?
  • How to banish the replies “do not have time for” and “it’s complicated”?
  • Why so many meetings undermine our profits?

Through a global and integrated approach, we explore how the operations network should support the company’s strategy. We focus on quick value delivery, minimizing costs and transferring our knowledge to our customers.

  • Costs reduction strategies, business restructuring and corporate recovery
  • Business plans, economic and financial feasibility surveys
  • Financial analysis and companies valuation
  • Management control
  • Organisational innovation