In an economic environment well-marked by globalization and the need of strict costs control,
an active policy of international taxation management is crucial for international businesses.

We respond to the challenges of a modern and efficient corporate management by turning available to our clients strategies to minimize their tax burden, within a framework of related operations in different tax regimes, exploiting tax savings opportunities.

  • Implement and monitor tax efficiency instruments, mostly in companies with international exposure
  • Evaluate the fiscal effect on the business profits and on its shareholders personal sphere
  • Optimize corporate income taxation in an international context: profits, dividends, capital gains, interests and royalties
  • Fine-tune the nature of the investments with the tax benefits available
  • Harmonize the international operations linked in several jurisdictions with European directives, anti-abuse standards and transfer pricing policy
  • Structure and incorporate companies under competitive taxation jurisdictions, in particular the Madeira International Business Centre – Madeira Free Trade Zone
  • Deliver value through customized integration of specialized services: tax compliance and advice; legal support for companies formation; management assistance and local representative; accounting, internal audit, invoicing and payroll.
  • Outlook analysis – balance, profits and growth – the impact of tax and economic drivers on business risk