We assist our clients on a fast-growing process of their international workforce without requiring establish or maintain a new legal entity in foreign countries. No matter where, or how big, we provide a global workforce payroll solution fully compliant with local regulations. In Europe, we cover directly Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom and Portugal. Indirectly, we cover all continents through our partnership network.

Our experience allows both companies and professionals to overcome bureaucratic issues on international recruiting, tax optimization, domestic and international compliance, liabilities and risk mitigation and cost reduction, releasing our clients to grow their business without sacrificing talent.

Acting as international PEO/EOR (International Professional Employer Organization/ Employer of Record) we ensure expertise dealing with all labour, fiscal and financial procedures that cover salary packages, recruiting partnerships, contract management and complete back-office outsourcing for employers, employment agencies, consultants and independent contractors.


  • Organisational expenses reduction
  • Operational risk mitigation
  • Relief of internal administrative procedures
  • Non-strategic investments savings
  • Effective delegation of responsibilities
  • Simple, quick, secure and flexible solution

BALDOCK payroll solutions provides integrity and a complete adaptive approach to the management of contingent global workforce.

  • Legal and tax compliance and international recruiting advice
  • Efficient timesheets management with reduced processing time
  • Scalable solution to hold multiple employees in multiple clients
  • Management of multiple contracts, monitoring and updated reporting of payouts and pending approvals
  • Wages processing within the required basis and/or under the terms of reference set out
  • Reimbursement of expenses with stringent approval workflow
  • Design of remuneration flex plan of benefits fiscally attractive for employers and employees
  • Bank account procedures support
  • Mediation of employment agreements and technical assistance to termination procedures