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We assist our clients on a fast-growing process of their international projects and workforce. No matter where, or how big, we provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions and efficient support to externalization of job functions, processes, business units or departments. We cover directly several countries in Europe, and indirectly, all continents through our partnership network.

Our outsourced services release the clients to grow their business without sacrificing talent and time-to-market. Reaching high skilled professionals, our experience allows companies to overcome issues on international recruiting, complex project management, compliance, risk mitigation and cost reduction.

IT Outsourcing

  • Multidisciplinary teams that deliver projects of any scale, type and technology
  • Specialists in building and implementing technical resources, focused on testing and validating customer
  • Development of capacity focused on customer’s needs, product roadmaps and integrated solutions

Marketing Outsourcing

  • Digital strategy and automation
  • Customer experience and CRM
  • Sales force management and alignment with internal teams
  • KPI’s and reporting and performance management

Project management

  • Experience in national and international projects
  • Assistance to companies to achieve greater performance through efficient practices
  • Contract administration and supportive management.


  • Organisational expenses reduction
  • Operational risk mitigation
  • Relief of internal administrative procedures
  • Non-strategic investments savings
  • Effective delegation of responsibilities
  • Simple, quick, secure and flexible solution
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