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In an economic environment well-marked by globalization and the need of strict costs control, an active policy of international business process management is crucial for global businesses.


We respond to the challenges of a modern corporate management by turning available to our clients efficient services and strategies under a framework of related operations in different geographies.


Accounting and Tax Advice


  • Deliver value through customized integration of specialized services: tax compliance and advice; legal
    support for companies formation; management assistance and local representative; accounting, internal audit,
    invoicing and payroll
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with applicable regulations; Monitoring financial
    indicators and management support; Budget control, financial analysis, preparation of financial models;
    Analysis and reconciliation of current accounts and bank accounts
  • Preparation, delivery and review of tax returns
  • Outlook analysis – balance, profits and growth – the impact of tax and economic drivers on business risk
  • Implement and monitor tax efficiency instruments, in particular, fine tune the nature of the investments
    with tax benefits available.
  • Harmonize the international operations linked in several jurisdictions with European directives, anti-abuse
    standards and transfer pricing policy



  • Solutions that ensure integrity and complete flexibility adjusted to the management of the permanent and contingent workforce in Portugal, Spain Belgium and UK
  • Compliance and international recruiting advice
  • Efficient workforce management with reduced processing time
  • Scalable solution to hold staff in multiple clients
  • Management of multiple contracts, monitoring and updated reporting of payouts and pending approvals
  • Fast onboardings and insightful terminations
  • On time salaries processing and issuance of payslips.
  • Accurate cost simulations on new onboardings and upon terminations
  • Monthly breakdown reports
  • Full compliance with all applicable local regulations
  • Reimbursement of expenses with stringent approval workflow
  • Design of remuneration flex plan of benefits
  • Mediation of employment agreements and technical assistance to termination procedures
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